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NCS Bhilai
School Rules

School Discipline And General Instruction To Wards

  1. CLEANLINESS: Cleanliness is essential for health and culture children should take bath early in the morning and come to the school in clean, neat and tidy uniform, properly dressed.
  2. UNIFORM: Children should come to the school in the prescribed school uniform.
  3. TIMINGS: Children should strictly follow the school timings as proscribed by the head of the institution.

    Every student is expected to be in the school, five minutes before the first bell.
    Late comers should bring “Late note” from their guardians / parents.

  4. With the first bell, children should be in their respective seats and observe silence.
  5. Every student must respectfully wish the teacher when they see them first time.
  6.  With the second bell the student should come out of the class room in line and assemble in the assembly hall under the guidance of the respective class teachers.
  7. Al students should take part in the assembly without fail. They will strictly take part in the prayer and pledge and give attention to the daily news read in the assembly. After the assembly students should go silently to their respective classes in line.
  8. Regular late comers will be directed to the Head mistress / Principal by the class teacher.
  9. DISCIPLINE S: Students should maintain strict discipline inside as well as outside the school.
  10. Students are not supposed to shout or play inside the class rooms or in the corridor.
  11. Students should bring with them all the required books and other materials to the class.
  12. Students should remain attentive to the teacher while teaching and follow his instructions with due respect and discipline.
  13. All students should obey and respect their teacher, parents and elders.
  14. Students should be sincere and honest in their words, thoughts and deeds.

    Any they should try to avoid telling lines, in all circumstances.

  15. Students should cultivate good habits, students should mould good character and behavior.
  16. Student should always create a happy and healthy atmosphere in the school and try to e happy and cheerful.
  17. Students should keep up mutual help and co-operation among them selves. They should cultivate brotherly / sisterly affection among themselves and exhibit the model of peaceful co-existence.
  18.  Students should maintain their belongings, class rooms and premises neat and tidy.
  19. Without permission or directive from the teacher no body should enter into the class rooms.
  20. No students should wander in the school corridor or ground during class timings.
  21. Special care should be taken by all students not to damage the school property, students will be charged double the amount if found intentionally done.
  22. Students should submit leave letters signed by the guardian / parents whenever they are unable to attend their classes.
  23. All students must compulsorily attend all monthly tests and annual Exam.
  24. A medical certificate from a qualified doctor is required to be submitted whenever a student fails to attend the exam. Due to sickness.
  25. If a student remains absent for more than 15 consecutive days his / her name is liable to be removed from the roll. Continuous leave for more then 15 days will be granted only on the basis of medical certificate.
  26. Promotion to the next class will be restricted in case attendance of a student is less then 85 %.
  27. Monthly report should be signed by the guardian / parent in time and be submitted to respective class teachers.
  28. Inside or outside school premises no student is expected to use any intoxicants.
  29. News papers / weeklies / monthly provide in the school reading room must be used without spoiling them and absolute silence should be maintained in the library.
  30. Student should take active part gardening and beautifying school premises which in turn help them to improve their mental and physical development.
  31. Students should always keep their class room decorated with charts and maps.
  32. The following reasons are, deemed, fit, according to the intensity or crime to take action such as warning fine, suspension or dismissal from the school.
    • Deliberate insult of teachers.
    • Act of mischief.
    • Mal-practice in exam.
    • Cheating
    • Destroying or spoiling the school property.
    • Deliberate disobedience to the rules and regulations of the school.
    • If it provide / confirmed that the bad habits cultivated by any students is harmful to students.