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NCS Bhilai
School Guidelines

For Parents

  1. Parents are requested not to enter in the class room directly during class hours without prior permission of the principal.
  2. All communication made the parents / guardians should be addressed to the principal and not to the class teacher.
  3. Parents are requested to go through the diary regularly for Time table, Test and Examination etc.
  4. Parents are requested not to send their wards to school if they are suffering from contagious / severe diseases.
  5. Parents should make sure that their wards reach school on time as well as return home after the school hours within a reasonable time.
  6. Students are strictly prohibited from bringing mobile phone to school. If caught on such account will be pay Rs. 500/-
  7. Students are also not allowed to use scooter or any such vehicle for coming to school. Students who disobey this rule has to pay Rs. 200/-
  8. Students who are absents on one special working days like independence day, Republic day, Sports day, School youth festival day will be Rs. 50/-

For Students

  1. Uniform should be proper, neat & clean and ironed.
  2. Boys should have not more than 1 inch hair and girls should have two plaints with ribbons.
  3. Girls who have short hair must use hair bands.
  4. 85 % attendance is must.
  5. No nuisance will be tolerated in the school premises.
  6. Children are the mirror of school. Therefore, if students are out of school premises but in school Uniform, they should maintain the discipline and decorum. If anybody grings bad name for school, strict action will be taken against him / her.
  7. Teachers are not your friends, there should be a proper distance between the teacher and the taught. 
  8. No student is allowed to come out of the class room when bell rings. It is only for the teacher.
  9. No mobile phones, MP3 players, iPods etc. are allowed. If anybody brings, it will be seized by the principal.
  10. Other than school course books no books or magazines are allowed.
  11. No student is allowed to bring or have chewing gum, tobacco, pan masala etc.
  12. In case of any difficulty or problem students are free to meet the principal.
  13. Whatever time-table is given, it is must to bring bag accordingly. Any day copies can be taken for counter checking.
  14. Books and copies should be covered and work is to be completed in time. Late work will not be entertained.
  15. No students are permitted to enter the staff-rooms.
  16. All conversation must be done in English only.
  17. Late comers will be dealt very strictly.
  18. Keep your class-room and school clean and tidy.