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NCS Bhilai
Co - curricular Programme

NCS lays nice stress on out-of-class activities additionally to lecturers. the institute offers a overplus of opportunities through clubs, hobbies, societies and workshops. Debating, Storytelling, Quiz, penmanship, Yoga and aerobic exercise area unit some disciplines that students love and area unit inspired to undertake their hand at. Events like House Competitions and Cultural Programmes area unit very fashionable.

Yoga categories change students to achieve certainty and minimize stress. vacation business Camps area unit coined around the construct of individual development in an environment that's each pleasing and accepted by each kid on an individual basis because the alternative of camp is their Field/Educational journeys area unit organized to inspire and instill awareness of the planet around, development of self reliance and confidence. Community building and responsibility is instilled in an environment that provides enjoyment, info and camaraderie.


Students Council
Developing Leadership Skills

True to the democratic norms, the varsity features a vivacious Students Council, actively helping the varsity administration within the formulation and implementation of school’s policies.


House System

There area unit four houses particularly Takhshila, Nalanda, Vikramaditya and Patliputra headed by seasoned House Incharges. The economical House system channelizes the competitive spirit of the kids in a very positive mode while not the ugly fangs of envy. Regular Saturday co-curricular activities and lay House competitions keep the kids engaged throughout the week and required participation in these not solely boosts their confidence and morale however conjointly grooms their temperament.


Co-Curricular Activities

The school aims at Child-centric education with holistic development of each child. SUPW/Co-curricular Activities type a neighborhood of our regular routine. We are offering our students a wide form of activities such as indoor/outdoor games, Vriksha Ropan (tree plantation), rural development, science/craft projects, career guidance, save the setting discussions / projects, field excursions, education for the under-privileged and many more.


Creative and Performing Arts

In order to unearth the potential in each student, the varsity offers coaching in several inventive disciplines-vocal and music, theatre, mime and dance, art and design-drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, wood work, laptop motor-assisted coming up with, cookery, clay modeling, embroidery and sew craft. Students square measure inspired to showcase their creations in exhibitions, demonstrating their skills thereby increasing their self esteem. Cultural programmes type associate integral a part of the varsity program. All students of college|the varsity|the college} aren't solely inspired to participate in cultural programmes however the lecturers create special efforts to confirm that every one the scholars get a chance to participate in a minimum of 3 of the numerous programmes command within the school. Cultural programmes square measure organized for the celebration of festivals, class/house assemblies & special days to be remembered. Children’s participation in cultural programme helps to develop their confidence and shallowness.


National Competitions

Students square measure inspired and trained for participation in inhumenational / National / Inter college Competitions and events like Cyber Olympiad, Digital Painting, Science & amp; arithmetic Olympiads, Arts, Sports and Cultural programmes. Additionally to the current, being an area if DPS fraternity, kids get ample exposure and opportunities through the inhume DPS competitions like sports, liberal arts, literary and artistic activities that helps for temperament development.



‘A healthy body for a healthy mind’. At NCS ordinary care is taken to create positive that the scholars fitness levels area unit high. the college offers a spread of sports. wonderful game fields for soccer, and Cricket are provided. NCS additionally includes a well equipped sports complicated which incorporates Yoga & indoor games. Students area unit coached by professionals in every sport and area unit inspired to require half in numerous Inter-School/ National Competitions.


Camps / Excursions

During vacations, vacation occupation Camps ar command in numerous disciplines to develop and cement basic skills and talent. out of doors excursions are undertaken that develop the scholars awareness of the atmosphere, the country’s heritage and social aspects whereas, building confidence, self reliance and leadership qualities.