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NCS Bhilai
Academic Calender
YEARLY PLANNER - 2019 - 20
Date Day Classes Particulars
03/25/2019 Monday   New session begins
04/12/2019 Friday  Nursery class-II Ice Cream Party 
    Class I - X English Hand Writing Competition 
04/17/2019 Wednesday   Mahavir Jayanti (Hoilday)
04/19/2019 Friday    Good Friday (Holiday)
04/30/2019 Tuesday    Summer Vacation Starts
06/17/2019 Monday    School Reopens
06/21/2019 Friday    World Yoga Day 
06/28/2019 Friday  Class I to V Juice Party 
    Class Nursery to KG - II Mother's Day Celebration
06/29/2019 Saturday Class I to XII Student Council & House Distribution 
07/03/2019 Wedensday  Nursery-XII Vanmahotsava Celebration
07/06/2019 Saturday Class I-X Class Decoration Competition
07/12/2019 Friday  Nursery-K.G-II Yellow Day Celebration
07/19/2019 Friday  Class I-V  Clay Modelling Competition
    Class VI-XII Hindi Recitation Competition
07/20/2019 Saturday Class I-XII  Sanskrit Day Assembly 
07/22/2019 Monday Class I-XII  Unit test - I Starts
07/26/2019 Friday  Nursery-K.G-II Clay Modelling Competition
08/01/2019 Thursday I-V U.T.I Ends
08/08/2019 Thursday VI-XII U.T.I Ends
08/12/2019 Monday   Eid-UI-Zuha (Bakrid) (Holiday)
14/082019 Wednesday Nursery-K.G II Independence day Celebration
    Nursery-K.G II Patriotic Song Competition (Group)
08/15/2019 Thursday   Independence day Celebration. Patriotic Song competition
    I-XII Rakshabandhan
08/22/2019 Thursday Nursery-K.G II Janmashtami Celebration
08/23/2019 Friday    Janmashtami (Holiday)
08/30/2019 Friday  Nursery-K.G II Purple Day Celebration
    I-X Greeting card making Competition (Topic Teacher's Day)
09/02/2019 Monday   Ganesh Chaturthi (Holiday)
09/05/2019 Thursday   Teacher's Day Celebration 
09/06/2019 Friday  Nursery-K.GII Show & Tell Competition
09/10/2019 Tuesday   Moharram (Holiday)
09/13/2019 Friday  Nursery-K.GII Orange Day Celebration
    Class I - V Show & Tell Competition
    VI -XII Vegetable & Fruit carving competition
09/17/2019 Tuesday    Vishwkarma jayanti (Holiday)
09/19/2019 Thursday  Nursery -VIII Half-Yearly ExamStarts
09/21/2019 Saturday IX-XII Half-Yearly ExamStarts
09/28/2019 Saturday   Pitramoksh Amavasya (Holiday)
10/02/2019 Wednesday   Gandhi Jayanti (Holiday)
10/05/2019 Saturday   Half-Yearly Examination Ends
10/07/2019 Monday    Navami (Holiday)
10/08/2019 Tuesday    Dussehra(Holiday)
10/09/2019 Wednesday   School Reopens
10/18/2019 Friday Nursery - KG - II  Fireless Cooking Activity
    Class I - V Fireless Cooking Competition
    VI -VIII Salad Decoration Competition
10/24/2019 Thursday    Diwali Holiday begins
10/31/2019 Thursday    School Reopens
11/08/2019 Friday Nursery-K.G II Black Colour Day Celebration 
11/12/2019 Tuesday   GuruNanak Jayanti (Holiday)
11/14/2019 Thursday Nursery-V Children's day Celebration
    Class I-XII Solo Dance Competition
11/29/2019 Friday VI-XII Debate 
    Nursery K.G II Colouring Competition
12/02/2019 Monday I-XII UT - II Starts 
12/06/2019 Friday Nursery - K.G-II Visit to Temple
12/12/2019 Thursday I-V UT - II Ends
12/13/2019 Friday VI-XII Bouquet Making Competition 
12/18/2019 Wednesday    Ghasidas Jayanti (Holiday)
12/19/2019 Thursday VI-XII UT - II Ends
12/24/2019 Tuesday Nursery - XII Annual Day Celebrations
12/25/2019 Wednesday    Christmas    Winter Vacation Starts
Jan - 20
01/02/2020 Thursday   School Reopens 
01/10/2020 Friday Nursery -IX English Recitation Competition
01/14/2020 Tuesday   Makar Sankranti (Holiday)
01/24/2020 Friday I-XII Singing Competition 
01/25/2020 Saturday Nursery -K.G -II Blue Day Celebration 
01/26/2020 Sunday I-XII Republic Day Celebration
01/29/2020 Wednesday Nursery -XII Vasant Panchami Celebration / Hindi Assembly
01/31/2020 Friday Nursery- K.G II English Hand Writing Competition 
Feb - 20
02/07/2020 Friday Nursery K.G -II Reading Competition
02/10/2020 Monday  I-IX Spell Bee Competition 
02/21/2020 Friday   Mahashivratri (Holiday)
02/24/2020 Monday Nursery K.G -VIII Annual Exam Starts
02/27/2020 Thursday IX-XII Annual Exam Starts
Mar - 20
03/10/2020 Tuesday   Holi (Holiday)
03/17/2020 Tuesday Nursery XII Annual Exam  Ends
03/27/2020 Friday   Result Declaration
03/30/2020 Monday   School Reopens